Nail Extensions

Full set of Extensions  £42.00 Natural nail coloured tips are used to extend your nails to a balanced length and a shape of your choice.  These nails are designed to look very natural, and are finished with a beautiful gloss to show them off.  You have the choice to paint over this gloss, which will remain in great condition as long as you remove the lacquer with an acetone free remover.  We are able to use Gel Colour over these extensions for a permanent colour.  Alternatively you can go for a French polish finish.

Addition of a Gel Colour or French Manicure is £7.00

Infills £28.00/ with Gel colour to finish £32.00 Infills are required every 2-3 weeks to keep your nail extensions balanced and strong.  If left, your extensions will become end heavy and pull on the natural nail causing the natural nail layers to tear away.  During the infill procedure we shorten the nail length (if required), re-shape the nails, thin out the old acrylic and fill in the gap in front of the cuticle area to strengthen and rebalance the nail.

French Backfill £32.00 if you are wearing a French manicure you will need to have your acrylic French smile line replaced back to its original position on the nail these appointments are usually alternated every 2 weeks with a standard infill.

We strongly recommend that nail extensions are removed with an acrylic remover at the two week point if they are not going to be infilled.