*NEW* Kissed By Mii- Self Tanning


Introducing our new and gorgeous selection of Self Tanning to give you an instant tanning boost using marine minerals giving benefits of coral, seaweed and coastal flowers for a happy and healthy feeling from tip to toe!

Be Kissed By Mii to give yourself an instant tanning boost with revitalised, reinvigorated skin. This paraben free range is the perfect way to enhance your daily look, helping you feel healthy and truly irrestistable all year round.

Prepare with the Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator- for use on both face and body! A great way to gently invigorate and restore skin and buff away dead skin creating a smooth surface for a longer lasting tan. Follow using the Kissed By Mii Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser to deeply nourish and perfectly prime your skin.

Barewith Kissed By Mii’s Effortlessly Easy Tanning lotions and mousse! They’re the ideal way to create the natural look of Summer anytime of year. Using blend of Marine Minerals Kissed by Mii leaves skin feeling deeply moisturised, not to mention radiantly healthy. Tinted for easy, confident application these products are perfect for first timers or sun(less)- worshippers alike. Available in three shades the lotion is ultra moisturising while the mousse is light and airy. Quick to dry you can create your flawless streak- free tan in just 6 hours.

Or try the Instant Shimmer Temporary Tanning giving you a sun kissed shimmer which is long lasting until you wash it off! This product is perfect as an instant hit for special occasions, for filling in tan lines or simply enhancing an existing tan.

For a really easy and natural looking tan- try the Daily Boost Gradual Tanning! It’s super hydrating and gentle due to marine minerals that give you a fresh, sun-kissed glow everyday of the year. The moisturising formula is perfect for all and will begin to enrich your skin with a subtle, streak-free radiance in just 6 hours.

Care for your tan using the Seriously Smoothing moisturiser! Not only does it prepare but also cares to keep your tan flawless for longer! Kissed By Mii’s multi benefitting, super hydrating moisturiser contains plant collagen to prolong the life of your tan. Use the Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator should be used after four days to help your tan fade evenly.

Pop into the Lounge today to try out the luxurious range of products!

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