All things Hands!

Shape & Varnish  12.00 

Suitable for nails already in a good condition. Just as it says on the tin, nails are shaped, then a polish of your choice is applied. (no cuticle work).

Regular Manicure 22.00 

Maintain beautiful hands: cuticles treated and tidied, nails shaped and smoothed, hands and nails moisturised, and finished with polish.

Deluxe Manicure 40.00

This is total luxury for the hands, includes everything in the regular manicure along with a moisture boost heat treatment, massage and exfoliation, finish off with polish

Gel Colour 27.00

Our most popular choice of nail treatment, no downtime with our gel colours, nails are instantly dry! Nails and cuticles are tidied, shaped and buffed in preparation for your choice of gel colour. We always finish our gel applications by massaging oil into your cuticles and strongly recommend use of oil at home to keep your gel colour in peak condition. Gel must be removed with a bespoke gel remover to avoid damage to the natural nail.

Gel colour soak off and new Colour 30.00

We carefully soak off your gel colour, tidy your nails and cuticles, then apply a new colour of your choice.

French polish add 2.00

Available for both polish & gel application, just let us know when booking. You can choose from pinks, whites, pearls and shimmers!!!

Moisture Boost 10

This treatment is designed to bombard your hands, cuticles and nails with moisture.  It’s perfect for clients that regularly have gel nails but miss out on regular manicures.  This treatment can be added on after gel colour.  Also recommended as a regular treatment in preparation for winter to avoid sore, dry hands. It includes a deep dermal treatment, deep heat application, cuticle treatment and rich butter moisturiser.