Spray Tan£18 – 15 minutes
Spray tan is a great way to get an instant flawless tan, which nourishes your skin and boosts confidence. Wear as little as a G-string or stay more covered with a one piece swimsuit. Which ever you are most comfortable in. Preparation includes thorough and complete body exfoliation up to the day of the treatment. Waxing and shaving must be done no sooner than 24 hours ahead. You may shower on the day but do not apply any moisturiser as this will act as a barrier. If you are visiting us straight from work you may need to remove facial make up (not eyes) and deodorant. After the tan you will need to leave us wearing loose, dark clothing and flip flops to avoid marking the tan.

Half Body £12 – 15 minutes

spray tan

Our vertical sunbed is a state of the art all inclusive experience. It boasts a vibro plate for those who want a quick workout. There is also a refreshing aromatic mist to enjoy as well as a docking station for your MP3.

6 Minutes- £6

9 Minutes- £9

12 Minutes- £12

60 Minutes- £40

Monthly Unlimited- £48